The ultimate protection against fog & scratch.

When you work in the most challenging environments, you need eyewear technology that lets you perform at your best.

THE MOST ADVANCED blue light filtering technology that prevents workers, screeners, and children's vision from being damaged by harmful blue light.

With multiple tints and technologies to choose from, our comfort sense perception filtering technology is designed to go beyond protection and enhance performance.


FLEX 160°

The FLEX 160° technology allows for perfect adjustment regardless of face size. 
Correctly fitted temples ensure the product stays on the wearer’s head at all times. Correct fitting reduces pressure points on the temples and behind the ears. Some hinges can open on a wider angle to provide a better fit and reduce discomfort.


Pivoting and adjustable temples provide a large range of fit with a single model. They provide optimal support and improved protection by sitting properly on both the ears and nose.


This technology is used to quickly and easily convert safety glasses into safety goggles (and vice versa). The temples can be switched with the foam + strap kit.


Designed to adapt to the nose so the frame sits perfectly on the face. 

Flexible and fully malleable, the FLEX bridge can be adjusted in all directions and fits all face shapes perfectly thanks to its  shape-memory material.