Why choose Bollé Safety to protect and correct your employees’ eyesight?


The technical performances of our safety spectacles goes beyond standards and gives your employees’ eyes increased safety. Of course,
the comfort and design of our lenses and frames are studied to give optimum vision and make employees want to wear them.

Besides the safety provided by our products, we support you in the choice of protection for each employee. 
Which standard? Which material? Which colour? ... 
This guide will help you determine the essential product for everyone. 

With effective and desirable protection and a simplified ordering procedure combined with support from opticians, Bollé Safety is a strategic choice to implement your health and safety policy with peace of mind.

What are your regulatory duties as an employer?


Because eye protection is compulsory. 
European PPE regulation 2016/425 requires the wearing of eye or face protection for:

  • Welding, sanding and cutting work
  • Drilling and chiselling work
  • Stonework
  • Handling nail guns
  • Using machines which remove shavings when processing materials, producing short shavings
  • Stamping work
  • Removal and fragmentation of shards
  • Working with abrasive granule sprays
  • Handling acid and alkaline products, disinfectants and corrosive detergents
  • Handling liquid spray equipment
  • Handling molten materials and working close by them
  • Activities in environments with radiant heat
  • Laser work



  • To identify all the risks in the workplace and assess the level of risk 
  • To eliminate the risk, set up protection measures for all the employees and, if this is not possible or is insufficient, provide personal protective equipment
  • Consult the company health and safety officer
  • Select PPE adapted to the risks to be covered and check the validity of this choice
  • Inform employees of the risks, the conditions for use of the PPE and the instructions
  • Train employees in the use of PPE
  • Provide employees with their own PPE free of charge
  • Ensure the PPE is actually used and is used properly
  • Ensure the condition of the PPE remains compliant
  • Check some PPE regularly



The obligations of employees stem directly from the company's internal regulations, approved by the Labour Inspectorate and deemed to be the practical and appropriate application of the Labour Code.