October is National Safe Work Month, with the theme being think safe. work safe. be safe.

Think safe: Consider risks before work is undertaken and plan accordingly.

Work safe: Implement safety measures and practice safe work.

Be safe: Safety isn’t a one-off measure: continually manage work health and safety.

As one of Australia’s leading safety eyewear specialists, Bollé Safety is in full support of the initiative and encourages companies to take their employees’ safety seriously at all times.

Eye safety is a key part of work safety: There are about 50 000 eye injuries per year in Australia, costing around $60 million. Eight per cent of workplace injuries are eye injuries and each year about seven in 1000 workers sustain an eye injury (Cole 2003). Safety glasses are one of the ways a company can help workers to protect their eyes.

Why Size Matters

Safety glasses generally come in one size fits all. However, with so many different face shapes, it can be difficult to find a perfect pair. If the safety eyewear does not fit your face correctly leaving larger gaps between your face and the glasses, it may allow debris to enter the eye area or distort the vision which can lead to an eye injury. In fact, according to Prevent Blindness 90% of eye injuries could be avoided by wearing the correct eye protection. The main reasons cited by those injured for not wearing the correct eye protection are:


Pressure, pinching and falling off can be a nightmare for workers, resulting in headaches and localised pain, and risks caused by rearranging eyewear instead of focussing on the job. 


Distorted view, heavy scratching and fogging are all common occurrences in standard eyewear. Poor visibility is a risk in itself, and so wearers tend to take off the offending eyewear in order to see what they’re doing. 

Fit/Aesthetics and style

Another factor that influences the use of PPE, especially noted among the younger audience, is the style of the eyewear as well as having choices of a particular style at the workplace.

Safety glasses can be large and unattractive and make the wearer self-conscious. As a result, wearers are reluctant to wear such unattractive eyewear and will ‘forget’ or simply refuse to wear it when needed.

As a result of the above, many workers argue that eye protection is simply unnecessary at that moment, and the risk of injury increases.

Bollé Safety works hard (and successfully) to remove these objections by manufacturing high-quality eyewear that is comfortable, attractive, and treated with anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings for prolonged visibility. 

Bollé Safety’s latest product release, Silex + Small, maintains this rationale and provides further evidence of Bollé Safety capability within its field. Specifically developed for smaller and narrower faces, this model adopts all the features of the Silex+ model, just in a smaller fit. Suitable for all industries, this model combines superior protection with style.

Technical Benefits

The SILEX+ premium model guarantees its users comfort thanks to its bi-material FLEX 160° PC/TPR temples, which adapts perfectly to most head sizes and ensures a pressure-free perfect fit. For advanced protection from flying particles, dust and dirt, an optional retainer strap is available.

PLATINUM Lens Coating

Coated with its exclusive long-lasting PLATINUM® coating on both sides of the lens, SILEX+ ensures optimum vision, protected from fogging and scratches, even in extreme environments. 

Furthermore, SILEX+’s panoramic field of vision and its frameless design allow for greater peripheral vision and enhanced safety.

Clear safety glasses
Starting from $17.50

Lens Colour Options

When choosing eye protection one of the first questions to consider is whether they are for indoor or outdoor use, as this helps to determine what lens is best: tinted or clear.

Available in 3 different colours: clear for indoors, smoked for outdoors and CSP for both, SILEX+ offers versatility as well as optimal protection in all environments.