For over 60 years, Bollé Safety has been creating innovative protective eyewear. By designing and manufacturing safety glasses and goggles for industrial compliance, Bollé Safety has become a market leader in this sector. Bollé Safety has fashioned the ultimate in protective eyewear, utilising superior product design and innovative technology that people want to wear.

Many workers aren’t wearing adequate eye protection. Safety glasses are the minimum form of protection that any worker should use. It is easy to underestimate the risk of eye damage until it is too late. We were thrilled to feature in an article by industry leader hipages –“The best work safety gear for tradies” talking about eye safety and protection of tradies.

NESS was designed to offer the wearer a superior field of vision thanks to its deep and enveloping lenses. Ness provides a high level of protection against common occupational hazards like flying particles and fragments due to its all-round coverage.

The linear design elements of the polycarbonate temples not only showcase lightness, but can also be easily slipped under a hard hat and worn comfortably with hearing protection.

All Bollé Safety specstacles, including Ness, meet AS/NZS 1337.1:2010 standard for medium impact protection, resisting a 6mm ball at 45 m/s (metres per second).

As we told hipages, more specific types of eye protection are necessary for certain projects. If you are working around chemicals, then it is important to have strong safety goggles. Workers that are doing any milling, drilling or using a lathe machine should recognise the importance of using strong, sturdy eye protection. The risks are even more serious if you are doing any welding. Welders should always use a face shield to protect their vision.  It is important to assess occupational risks in order to choose the appropriate eyewear for the task.

At Bollé Safety we manufacture innovative eyewear that’s designed to perform and protect the wearer in a variety of industries. This includes but is not limited to manufacturing, mining, construction, government and defence. Our eyewear can be used for mechanical, radiation, chemical, thermal and electrical risks.