Anti blue-light coating Anti blue-light coating

What is blue light ?

It is emitted by the sun and by LED bulbs, which have this feature. It is also found in many of our electronic devices that emit intense radiation. Prolonged exposure to blue light causes eye fatigue with tingling in the eyes and causes headaches.
Blue light or High Energy Visible light (HEV) is 15 times more harmful to ocular structures such as the lens and the retina than the other colours of the spectrum.

What is the answer ?

The products of EXCELLENCE range meet the needs of your staff, particularly, those exposed to the blue light emitted by computer screens, tablets, smartphones or LED lighting. These specific safeguards powered by Bollé technology filter 20% of blue light. They significantly reduce glare, visual discomfort, eye strain and stinging of the eyes and headaches.
They help to preserve eye health and comfort at work. These safety glasses are EN166 certified.